The Handmaid’s Tale Option

This hardly works as a cautionary tale when we basically live in a real world feminist dystopia that’s destroyed the most basic and important aspect of our social fabric, so much so that we aren’t even able to reproduce ourselves. Sorry, but the grass-is-greener politics of “gender equality” and the sexual revolution is no longer speculation. It’s no longer possible to believe that feminist social engineers are going to “liberate” us in the name of “progress.” Their revolution already happened. Take a look around. This is it.

I watched this scene and rooted for the cops. I have a hunch I’m not the only one. Read it racially, which is no doubt what the director intended: Oh look, white men – y’know, daddy who you depend on for everything and perpetually scapegoat while expecting him to apologize for himself – finally snapped and put a stop to it. I guess he finally gave the shit-testing feminists what they wanted all along.

There was probably a window of opportunity for the left to recognize its failures and step back from the brink, but that time has passed. Put people who think the way I do in power, and this is precisely how we’ll treat our enemies if we have to. It’s either this or we go under. Do what it takes to restore order or we have no future. I’m willing to be the bad guy. Fuck it.

The white working class who leftists and cosmopolitans like the author despise and demonize are now the only group of people in an industrialized country with a declining life expectancy. The “privileged oppressors” who haven’t seen a raise in 40 years of neoliberal “free trade” are being destroyed and cut off from their own future while the left mocks their suffering, celebrates their declining birth rate, attacks them violently in the streets, and persecutes them in the media and universities. Meanwhile the quisling globalist GOP makes excuses while they frantically try to find a new way to scam whites back on to the Republican plantation so that they’ll go on coughing up their sons to die for ZOG wars and rubber stamping their own dispossession at the ballot box.

At what point do they become amenable to hard right solutions like the kind in this book? How hypothetical is this scenario? Maybe the Handmaid’s Tale isn’t a cautionary tale, but a blueprint.

It’s worth it to take a serious look at the Iranian Revolution that inspired the Atwood’s book. Iran ousted a U.S. backed dictatorship and remains legitimately sovereign to this day precisely because it didn’t simply adopt a strictly republican model in which bourgeois political parties would have been subverted by U.S. and Israel. Part of what made that possible was Iran’s cultural revolution against westernization, in this case meaning Jewish “modernity,” what we now call “poz.”

We’re a Jewish colony. Our problem is identical to Iran’s in 1979. Something to think about.