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It’s nice to know that people in the media are so well informed. I’d say these gossiping tumblr hens who pretend to be journalists are as informed about this election and Sanders’ supporters as they were about GamerGate…

Oh wait… I get it now. Sanders is supposed to be president Shitlord.

Even dopey, hapless, good guy and ally to women everywhere Will Wheaton could recognize the shameless sexism and opportunism of disregarding Sanders supporters as “bros” and interpreting their disagreement as harassment. You mean to tell me other formerly staunch foes of GamerGate who work in the media and who support Sanders haven’t made the connection? Of course they have. But you won’t be reading many Salon or Vice columns about it, if I had to guess. It’s not the narrative anybody wants. It certainly isn’t the one Ms. Filipovic wants, at any rate.


You have to love that, don’t you? Pampered, well-educated white women who apparently choose not to have children since it will cramp their fabulous, unimaginative Sex in the City you-go-gurl! lifestyles now think young women with no future should vote for a corporate shill because girl power and vagina. It’s easy to see how working class women were thrown under the bus all these years by these idiots. Most women can’t afford to be stay-at-home mothers now that a single income no longer supports a family, but I’m sure this looks like “progress” and “equality” to rich white women cloistered in gentrified cities.

Almost 40 years later, they’re still pulling the same con. It never occurs to them that young women can’t afford to have children even if they wanted them or that there’s a diminishing pool of financially solvent men to have them with given the economy that has resulted from the very same economic prescriptions that Clinton’s faction saddled us with. What shameless, disgusting chickenhawks.


Thankfully, young women aren’t this stupid. They recognize that the issue isn’t gender resentment and going along with whatever successful women in magazines and on TV tell tell them, but poverty, lack of opportunity, and a political and economic system in which they increasingly have no personal stake. I’m quite sure enough of them can look at their student loan debt and appreciate that politics is not a fashion statement, no matter who Lena Dunham and Katy Perry say they are voting for. It’s no longer girls vs. boys, but young women vs. plutocracy and economic decline.

And to their credit, the progressive left has largely recognized this bullshit for what it is and supported Sanders. Corey Robin, author of an excellent intellectual history of the right called The Reactionary Mind, wrote a pretty satisfying take-down of one of these clueless liberal corporate feminism pimps in Jacobin which can be found here.

Micheal Brooks of the Majority Report tells it like it is here:

I spend a lot of time on this blog being critical of young women, but this time I’d like to applaud them, since the cheap attempt to make Sanders and his army of imaginary “bros” seem like the GamerGate party doesn’t appear to be working. Maybe there’s hope for us yet.

Has the bourgeois nature of state-feminism ever been more obvious?

  • Mark M

    Before the “Bernie Bros” there was the “Obama Boys”

    “I had found myself increasingly defensive of Clinton in the face of the Obama worship that rules the mostly white, liberal, well-educated circles in which I work and travel ”

    So feminists had a problem with white liberals voting for Obama. They now have a problem women voting for Sanders.

    Just goes to show “Guardian feminists” like Valenti, Filipovic et al are full of shit. Feminism is mostly used to support capitalism and more recently neo-conservatives. Go and have a read of the Guardian’s output re. Assange this week, all of a sudden the UN is “absurd” for ruling in favour of Assange.

    Oh and the idea that Clinton was “the favorite” is just an idea that is constantly circulated in the MSM for no reason whatsoever, she’s the favorite amoungst DONORS and the establishment not the people, not even amoung women.

    Here in the UK it was the same with Jeremy Corbyn “nice guy but too wacky to win”

    The only people who are “shocked” by this is the New York and London media establishment.

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