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February 12th, 2016 § 2 comments


The 40 year track record of the meritocracy.

  • Wild Man

    Hello – I like your economic commentary recently at Rational Male. I am not nearly as well versed in economic theory as you (or some of the commenters at Rational Male), but your viewpoint, as per your recent comments there, are well balanced (and with nuance) in my view, and therefore probably a more accurate assessment of current economic conditions than those you were arguing.

    The graph you provided above is very interesting. Where did the wealth indicated by this U.S. wage/productivity gap, in the time period indicated, go?

    It occurs to me that the above provided graph may well be mirrored by the growing wealth of the populations (both for individuals, and collectively in terms of investments in private thru public infrastructures) in more underdeveloped nations (I don’t have the data at hand, but it is not difficult for any observant western person in their 50’s to see what has occurred in this respect over the time frame mentioned).

    Why has this occurred? The political elites in the west covertly signal that this dynamic (lessening nation vs. nation disparities in “wealth” enjoyed by individuals, via wages, spinoffs from large investments in large private enterprises, and public investments of all kinds) is virtuous, and natural, that the matter has been settled and there is no need for further discussion for consensus-building – it is a “given” already deeply incorporated in the mindset of the mainstream political elites of all stripes – and public discussion around this is mostly avoided, but the elite’s attitude on this leaks out nevertheless, and you therefore get the impression that the mainstream political elites collectively believe that the average person cannot be trusted to agree with this “virtuous and natural” attitude, so it is best for the elites not to talk about it except among themselves, and to encode it in some feeling-based double speak when they are forced to elude to it publicly.

    If my assessment is accurate – then you could say that the mainstream western political elites are of a veiled global-egalitarian viewpoint.

    And herein is the problem – that their egalitarian viewpoint is “veiled”. Because they think the regular western person is not sophisticated enough to appreciate the win-win of the egalitarian. Note how the very word egalitarian has now been maligned and misappropriated by all sides, so that now, everybody on all sides uses the word like it is a pariah.

    Our mainstream political elites should be replaced by those that are capable of signalling their intentions clearly (those that don’t have a natural predisposition to the “condescending” ego-defense strategy). We are being poorly served now, not because the underlying agenda is wrongheaded (in my view the egalitarian extended to all of humanity is not at all wrongheaded), but because we are being served by condescending cunts and pricks (people who see themselves as “shepherds of people” for the most part), that cannot see that they are in fact cunts and pricks (because they are blind to their own unspecialness). At a very fundamental level, such people cannot really appreciate what the egalitarian mindset even is (in my view, egalitarian mindset = a belief if the equal fundamental existential worth of individuals, which implies very high self-respect, with the expectation that others view themselves this way as well, in which dynamic reciprocity, i.e. – mutual respect – will naturally follow). As such, the “veiled” approach of the political elites allows for all kinds of subversion by way of corruption – this “veiled” approach is idiotic in the extreme (allowing for siphoning off of some of the wealth earmarked for disparity reduction, for more selfish purposes, by way of idiotically allowing for all kinds of perverse incentives that would be laughed off as idiotic if the underlying egalitarian agenda were not veiled).

    Mmmmm – how to pick better leaders? is the most practical question at this particular juncture IMO.

  • danmillet

    Hey I love your commentary I see around the sphere. Love your blog. You thinking about doing any more posts?

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