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It look me a long time, but I’ve also abandoned the egalitarian position. What stands in the way of gender equality is women, not men. Contrary to feminist myths about men not wanting to let go of their “privilege,” in reality men are happy to be let off the hook for being disposable providers and protectors, since it was never actually power to begin with, but a labyrinth of obligations. Obligations are never privileges. Power, as Warren Farrell has argued, is the ability to decide the conditions of our own life. Men have never had that, and they will never have it unless they want to go MGTOW.

Most would happily abandon the role that women force on to them, since successfully adhering to it is exhausting, costly, and risky. Many men, believing the egalitarian bullshit they were spoon fed from birth over the last 30 years, did just that and paid a high price for it. It’s women that will go on imposing that role, and not because of any cultural conditioning, but because those demands are a part of a biologically rooted female heterosexuality.

Women’s expectations have a biological root that no set of cultural norms is going to erase. Women will always be looking for daddy, for male strength, leadership, status, and competence. On an emotional and sexual level, they are only ever responding to male dominance and leadership. Men, having no inherent social or sexual value the way women do, will always have to compete with one another in order to avoid becoming sexually invisible. They will forever be saddled with this burden of performance. Women will always relate to men in an opportunistic fashion, they will always exclude and ignore men who fail to compete, in whatever way, and from whom nothing can be extracted. It has nothing to do with culture.

Every culture will just reinvent its own version of this arrangement, including our feminist dominated one. All feminists have done is replaced an old set of male obligations for new ones. “He for she.” Men’s existence will always be defined and judged by what utility they have to women, regardless if that is being a dutiful provider slave or providing tingles. All that has changed is that now women are forced to be dishonest about what they want and expect from the opposite sex while men are supposed to pretend they don’t know better.

If there is any vision for a future society, it should be one that rebuilds those structures which enable men to go about meeting women’s expectations in a way that is as equitable for men and advantageous for society as possible. What else can be done? What else is possible? What the failure of the sexual revolution proves is that women aren’t capable of equality, nor do they even want it.

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