Birth Rates

The reason that birth rates are low in the west is because it’s prohibitively expensive to have children. Debt is out of control, housing is unaffordable, and work is increasingly precarious. These are hardly conditions in which people start families or are even able to plan for the future. Mass immigration compounds this problem, it doesn’t solve it, since it increases competition for both increasingly scarce work and public resources. But it does solve the problem for elites who would prefer not to have to invest in their own society or its institutions so that people can afford to have children again.

What this means is that we’re essentially a disposable population and that our rulers have decided it’s simply cheaper to import the 3rd world than it is to get about the business of actually governing and creating a society that is capable of recreating itself and its social fabric. The end result isn’t like ethnic cleansing, it is literally ethnic cleansing. The end result is a people cut off from their own future and marked for disposal.

Having families isn’t just about the birth rate or producing reliable units of labor and consumption because we have pensions to pay if the boomers expect to shuffle off into the twilight in the same luxury they were accustomed to for most of their lives. It’s also about structuring people’s lives in socially beneficial ways. Having children invests us in the long term success of our communities and gives us a shared future. What kind of society do we expect when this is no longer feasible for the average person? What kind of culture and politics does it produce? I guess we’ll get to find out.