Black Israel

Install and back a corrupt African kleptocrat in Sierra Leone or Liberia. In exchange for military support and money which he’ll no doubt stash in offshore accounts, he gives us land for black colonization. It’s not like the U.S. government is unaccustomed to doing this sort of thing. We need only review the history of Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Iran, etc. I don’t know that there is a government today that has as much experience doing this as the U.S. does. We honed it to a science over the span of the Cold War.

With a stooge in power, we then create black front groups on all sides of the ideological spectrum within the U.S. and they sell the black population on leaving. Make them feel like it was their idea, whatever. It doesn’t matter.

We prop up black Israel with aid and give them incentives to move. It would certainly be a much better investment than the billions we send Israel every year. Black criminals are moved permanently as a matter of course. As the black population dwindles, we start to introduce not only incentives to leave but disincentives for staying. You could even move them to reservations within the U.S. in the interim. How difficult would this be, considering how much of the black population relies on public assistance as it is?

This could be done, it’s not as unrealistic as people might think. We could call the policy “reparations.” It’s certainly not any more unrealistic than thinking we can go on forever allowing our black population to destroy entire cities while our society tears itself apart.